M.G. Gonchar, O.V. Pyptiuk, J.M. Kuchirka, V.O. Pyptiuk

          SHEI “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University”, surgery department of stomatological faculty, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Abstract: Who is he - a modern teacher of a medical university? In this work we draw your attention to a teacher and represent our ideass about how should the young teacher behave who has just started up his work. The main signs of modern educational management are ruling innovations, interdisciplinarity and broad information. What should he start with? - His psychological compatibility with teaching work. There is no diploma for a teacher of higher school, because there is no education system for higher school teachers.

From the first day at work he must have a supervisor who has great work experience. There are no similar diseases as there are no similar styles of teaching. He must choose his own style of teaching according to his own ideas and don’t forget that students have to know not only theory but they need to get practical skills. That is why methodological recommendations are written for unification of lessons. To have less not essential questions they need to study profoundly all regulatory documentations which are used by authority of university and faculties. There they can find the answers about how should medical student look like, their rights and responsibilities, behavior during studying process, etc. Majority of works on Pedagogics focus their attention on students, on their skills. Long time ago (in 1841) M.I. Pirogov said “You can teach students of diagnostics and treatment only in case You use the knowledge acquired during the period of your education. Coming to a lesson, a teacher sees 10 students in similar special clothes but they are individuals, they have completely different intelligence, temper, behavior, politics and religion views. One of them wants to talk a lot, another is shameful by nature and the other is not ready for the lesson. What should you do in this situation? There is no special recipe. You need to find a key to every individual. Also you should never humiliate student’s dignity!

You were not always satisfied with your teachers, while you were a student. But you are better than they were! You will reach a success and popularity among students by all means, only if you have the aim to develop your talent of a teacher of higher medical school.


Key words: pedagogics, teacher, education.


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