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Abstract. Higher education in the medical field is based on the formation of a creative person capable of self-education and innovation. In this aspect, self-done work of students is a significant component.

Principles of transforming the general principles of the Bologna process in the aspect of preparing future doctors of dentistry in preparation for classes at the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, occur in the context of the adaptation of the educational process, taking into account the experience of the acquired knowledge, professional skills and the necessary component of the main components of surgical skill, as a motivating factor to the most complete and perfect mastering of the material.

The aim of the study. To display the difficulties of realization and the methods of prevention, to discuss the main issues for professional preparation of dental students, to present peculiarities to cope with obstacles in the credit transfer system on the base of analysis of the self-dependent work by students of the third and fourth courses at the dentistry department in general surgery.

Materials and methods: In the conditions of Educational  professional program and Educational-qualifying characteristic, approved by The Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, obliged to combine knowledge learnt at the different medical disciplines, and to adapt them for practical usage in the aspect of necessary requirements for students studying. The educational process is based on the ECTS according to the Bologna Declaration.

Result. On the basis of our positive experiences in the process of information transmission and control its digestion. Students of dental faculty quite often prove that a doctor-a person professionally versatile, and future dentist cannot be limited only to the study of pathology of organs of the oral cavity, since due to the complexity of different life cases, it may be in a difficult situation, when it is not able to provide a victim with a medical emergency. We have the Department developed training manuals and methodical works, which give the ability to consistently and appropriately prepare for the lesson, note on the necessary thematic issues, taking into account the nosology and features of its occurrence. Against this background, it is most widely used scheme for analysis of individual situations generated by the students the basic skills of collecting information about the disease in patients. Learning thoroughly secured using diagnostic algorithms, situational and clinical tasks. Monitoring of the educational process is an efficient circuit construction of educational achievements. In this aspect is included as a theoretical link and the list of required practical skills and abilities which is critical for future practical work of the student. Important in terms of learning the current material is the ability of the teacher to model a specific task, to attach to his decision most of the students, which allows him competent to decide, given the information field of the participants of the debate and their ability to practically use the pre-acquired experience and knowledge. It is necessary to form the students ' motivation to learn by involving theoretical, practical and methodological links work.

For independent work of students of the faculty of dentistry submitted a number of questions: benign and malignant tumors of the pancreas, liver, parasitic diseases and cysts of the liver, cholangitis, adhesive disease of the peritoneum, postoperative paralytic ileus, a specific form of peritonitis and other prepared by the staff of the Department of surgical diseases General surgery of the faculty. Depending on the didactic purpose of these themes in our opinion can be divided into such types. The first type can be attributed to cognitive topics For the study of independent work on these subjects work best from textbooks, lecture notes, case histories of patients with this pathology, it is appropriate participation of students in the clinical professorial rounds.

The teacher can offer to write students essays on the planned topic, followed by analysis of clinical cases.

Conscious learning themes proposed for self-learning for dental students in General surgery as the main subject of future activities of a physician, provides for the presentation at the morning medical meeting, and presentations at the student conference. Specific topics of self-done work on surgery, the students of the faculty of dentistry could be studied at a choice-individually or in creative groups: chronic pancreatitis, parasitic diseases, and liver cancer, intestinal obstruction. It should be emphasized that the proposed self-study themes are not identical to the themes of practical classes, allowing to expand educational factor educational space.

Along with this, during independent work of students-dentists in General surgery is insufficient amount of modern literature on the theme suggested and test coordination communication between students and teachers. It is necessary to promote cooperation between them and students, to mobilize resources for professional communication .

Conclusions. So, the independent work of students-dentists in General surgery must be practically differentiated, which requires algorithmic approaches to mastering issues holding abstracts of reports at the student medical and scientific conferences, thematic assimilation of basic practical skills with individual or group study.


Key words: self-done work of students, general surgery, teaching


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