I.V. Korop, I.K. Churpiy

            SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University», Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.



Abstract. Intellectual property - is materially expressed result of intellectual activity, which is protected by the established rules and documents - patents, certificates of invention and gives the author the exclusive right to it.

The combination of intelligent products, consisting of inventions, utility models, innovations, specific knowledge bases and data, computer software and other intellectual objects as well as managerial experience and organizational capacity of individuals that can be converted into profit; these factors form capital of intelligent organization.

Acquisition of new revolutionary technologies enabled at different times to different countries overcome the lag in development of certain industries and stand in a row, and sometimes ahead of advanced countries.

For countries with developing economies, the acquisition of advanced technology is a key means of solving problems creating their own industry. The key to this is to attract advanced technology to improve product competitiveness.

Forms of transfer of industrial property in the world market reduced to transfer innovation.

Transfer technology and innovation accompanied the transaction, for which the purchaser has appropriate production capacity and capital for implementation of the resulting technologies, and vendor - unique knowledge in a particular area protected package protection. Such agreements are called licensed ones.

World trade license in the modern world is much higher than conventional trade in goods. Global revenues from the sale of licenses increased almost 35 times and totaled more than $ 40 billion. Since the beginning of the century, despite an expected complication of access to new technologies and limit their commercialization, due to increased competition, international trade licenses increased even more and made more than $ 130 billion.

Introduction. 1. The high level of communicative connections between the scientists of different countries and areas of science, creation of the specialized databases, allows work inventions, useful models in life of society that determines swift scientific and technical progress.

  1. A concept "intellectual property" and "intellectual capital" widely established in the modern scientific world, are regulated at legislative level of country and guarded by the set norms and documents - patents, useful models, testifying to the inventions and gives to the author an absolute title on him.
  2. Acquisition of new revolutionary technologies allows to promote competition possibility of products. The transmission of innovations is accompanied by entering into contracts and is on the defensive the package of guard documents is licensing. World to trading in licenses in the modern world exceeds trading in ordinary commodities and arrives at to 30 % world trade.


Key words: inventions, intellectual property, license, scientific and technological progress.


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