O.L. Tkachuk, R.Y. Fedoryka, L.P. Parakhoniak, O.I. Smetaniak, P.O. Smetaniak R.L. Parakhoniak

            SHEI “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University” Bolekhiv Central City Hospital, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine



Abstract. Detailed analysis of  statistical data gathered in surgical department of  Bolekhiv central city hospital shows experience of argon-peritoneum usage during laparoscopic operations. Authors described variants of argon-peritoneum during laparoscopic operations under general and local (spinal) anesthesia. Some comparisons were made. Conclusions about necessity and ability to increase utilization of argon and regional anesthesia during minimally invasive surgery were drawn.

            246 laparoscopic operations with carboxyperitoneum and 4 with argon-peritoneum (GERD, acute cholecystitis and chronic calculous cholecystitis) were analyzed.

            In traditional carboxyperitoneum group carbon dioxide concentration in exhaled air increased around 6-10 mm. hg. from base level during operation, depending on the length of manipulation. In a group with argon-peritoneum usage carbon dioxide concentrations in exhaled air increased less so, 2-3 mm. hg. on average, a marked difference.

             In traditional group, i.e. carboxyperitoneum, pain in shoulder region after laparoscopic operation was reported by 24,8% of patients. In argon-peritoneum group no such pain was reported. One operation from those performed with spinal anesthesia was also with argon-peritoneum usage. Significant decrease in anesthetics and sedative drugs usage when local anesthesia was noted. Further research is needed.


            Key words: minimally invasive surgery, аrgon- and carboxyperitoneum, spinal anesthesia.


Full text: PDF (Rus)

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