S.I. Savoliuk, V.N. Lusenko, M.Yu. Krestianov

          Chair of surgery and vascular surgery of P.L. Shupyk National Academy of Postgraduate Education (head of the department – S. I. Savoliuk) Ukraine, ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5406-8228, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Abstract. The formation of an integrated system of independent learning involves the following tasks: 1) students, attenders have to learn to plan their activities; 2) students, attenders need to improve their reading technique; 3) they should fix the main points of information; 4) they should acquire the skills of information abstracting without loss of sound and meaning. These tasks cannot be solved without optimization of formation of the attender’s ability to perform adequate independent work, since it provides the maximum motivation and creative perception of the information, which is realized in the process of education in the form of target educational tasks, and is the basic form of mastering the educational material. To implement these principles, the educator has to form a sense of responsibility in a student to organize his or her own education.

Objective: optimization of principles and methods of independent work organization on based on interactive education technologies in the context of educational process planning.

Materials and methods. The analysis of the results and organization of educational activities of the Department of Surgery No.2 of M. I. Pirogov Vinnitskiy National Medical University was performed regarding the work with students of the 4th year (module No.1 “Abdominal surgery” - sections: emergency abdominal surgery, surgical gastroenterology and coloproctology), 6th year (course of emergency abdominal surgery), intern-surgeons (1st, 2nd and 3rd years of studying) in the context of organization and planning of independent work to ensure optimal results of the educational process. To achieve the set targets it is expedient to optimize the independent work by applying different types of interactive learning, the principles of game theory and the theory of decision-making - method of brainstorming, method of projects, case-method.

Results. Practically available method of independent work organization and at the same time control tool is a method of brainstorming adapted for the students (method of collaborative search of alternative directions of problem solving with systematic evaluation and development of hidden possibilities). This method has to be used during seminars and practical sessions to solve complex situational problems, clinical case discussions, patients’ condition discussion to determine the diagnostic and treatment strategies and implement the differential diagnosis. Another method of interactive learning is a project method, which is appropriate for use in cases where students are given independent work covering the subject of the study semester or the thematic module. The principle of the method lies in the fact that the educator as the process coordinator clearly outlines the essence and stages of the task, points to the sources of information that need to be worked out. The project finally is presented and the participants discuss the urgency of the problem, highlight the results and discuss the conclusions. A promising way of organizing the individual work is a case-method (a method of situational learning on specific examples), the essence of which is that the educator provides students with a package of documents (case), through which students find a way out of a certain problem. Case-method is an interactive method of learning that allows to make the learning process closer to the actual practice of the specialists. It promotes the development of ingenuity, the ability to solve problems, develops the ability to analyze and diagnose problems, as well as to communicate.

Conclusions. Interactive forms of independent work create adequate conditions for the optimal mastery the necessary theoretical knowledge and professional skills and abilities by medical students. The presented organization of independent work requires a high activity from students and positively influences the formation of clinical thinking, imitating the professional environment.


Keywords: independent workinteractive learning - method of projects method of brainstormingcase-method.


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