N.J. Senyshyn, A.D. Aleksandruk, V.G Chmut, V.Y. Tkach

          SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University», Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Summary. The article points out the importance of Dermatology and Venereology basic knowledge for the specialists of the primary care level. Due to the reform of the medical care system in Ukraine, patients with skin pathology will consult practitioners first - family doctors. In most cases, the initial medical examination of the first signs of skin pathologies will be made not by dermatologists. This situation may have potential risks for proper diagnosis and treatment of skin pathology.

During the training of a general practitioner - family doctor who will work with the primary pathology of the skin, the discipline "Dermatovenerology" is taught during the 4th year at the medical university, as well as in the short period during the internship training. Unfortunately, this training does not allow the primary care physician to obtain sufficient knowledge of skin and sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, a typical phenomenon is not only errors in the diagnosis of common diseases of the skin but also use of the wrong terminology, wrong methods of assessment and treatment that should have been performed at the initial stage.

Another potential problem may be a greater number of infectious diseases of the skin that are not typical for Ukraine, but they become possible due to the constant increase in population migration cases and visits to the remote corners of the world. Lack of knowledge about this pathology due to the limited possibilities of training programs in dermatology can also significantly influence the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Thus, to prevent a sharp deterioration in the treatment of patients with skin pathology in the context of the reform of the health care system in Ukraine, there is an urgent need to increase the level of knowledge of primary care physicians. The training is near optimal in the pre-graduation stage and internship within the existing standard curriculum, but further improvement of knowledge and working skills of the primary care physicians with skin diseases seems completely inadequate.

The Department of Dermatovenerology offers the course "Dermatology for general practitioners" for mastering the necessary skills on the diagnosis and treatment of the most frequently occurring dermatoses. It is necessary to remind physicians of the morphological elements (primary, secondary); the reaction of the vascular apparatus of the skin to a variety of stimuli, possible manifestations of the skin of various diseases of the internal organs; differential diagnosis of pathologies. There are some suggestions which will give primary care physicians the necessary knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent diseases of the skin and sexually transmitted infections, including specialized topics and educational-methodical literature.


Keywords: skin, rash, morphological elements.


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