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The Ministry of Health Care of Ukrainey

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical Universit



“Art of Medicine”

Scientific and practical journal in the field:

  1. Medicine;
  2. Pharmacy;
  3. Medical Education;
  4. Rehabilitation;
  5. Physical Education.

Founder and publisher:Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical Univesity

Cetificate of state registration series KB № 22689-12589P of 24.03.2017

Founded in March 2017. It comes out four times a year.

       Approved for publication by the Scientific Council of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University Minutes № 6 from 30.05.2017

     The Journal is on the List of Specialized Editions in which the main results of theses are allowed to be published (The Order of Ministry of Education and Sci-ence of Ukraine of 28.12.2017, №1714)

       The journal is displayed in scientometric bases: Google Scholar, "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

       Materials are published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Polish. Distributed in Ukraine and abroad.

       Full or partial reproduction of any material published in this publication is permitted only with the written permission of the editor.

       The advertiser is responsible for the content of the promotional materials.

       Art-of-medicinе.ifnmu.edu.ua- This is the site of the magazine.







rogko main

 Dear colleagues and readers of our magazine!


        Over the years of scientific activities the University has had many interesting research and educational projects. The magazine «Art of Medicine» is not an exception.

        As the name itself suggests our profession is a great art that requires knowledge and skills. The desire to improve our qualification constantly, keep up with the times prompted us to launch a magazine with an international level, which will cover the problems of modern medicine. Significant advances in research is a strong guarantee of our future development. Also, we wanted to deploy a large field of activity and exchange of experience for local and foreign doctors.

        I hope that everyone who reads our magazine will discover the innovations, find answers to some questions, or just enrich his professional experience.

        The magazine «Art of Medicine» is a new project that will find its readership. The editorial board, in its turn, ensures the development and continuous improvement of the project.

        I wish you an interesting and inspiring cooperation!




SHEI "Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical

University", Honored Scientist of Ukraine, MD,

Professor, Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in

Science and Technology

Rozhko M.M.







rogko main

Dear readers!

        Sincerely welcome you on pages of scientifically- practical magazine «Art of Medicine».

        It is known that life is permanent changes, in fact only so it can develop and improve. Enormous amount of new methods of treatment, prophylaxis and prevention of deceases, which aren’t overcome yet, are appeared in the world every day. That is why we’ve created a magazine, in every issue of which we try to collect the most interesting and progressive articles of not only home but also world scientists, doctors, students and those, who are engaged in scientific sphere.

        The pages of the magazine became the huge informative platform for the discussion of the most widespread problems of a modern medicine.

        «Art of medicine» is of a new format. We try to do it within the capacity of not only qualified specialists but also for the students of High school. This magazine combines many different medical directions. We print the articles in the spheres of surgery, therapy, gynaecology, oncology, cardiology and both clinical and theoretical directions. There is not a distinct border between professions, everything is as it should be and in correlation.

        We also think about deontological problems of a modern medicine, about hardships of teaching of future professionals, we care also about different methods of practicing medical students. I hope that published articles will be informative and easy for everybody and the increase of interest to the magazine will give the possibility wider learn medical innovations or solve deontological problems and the ones of educative process of students and practical doctors.

        Wish to all of us creativeness, understanding, successful and long-termed cooperation.



Best wishes,

Editor in chief, Doctor of medicine, PhD

I.K. Churpiy